The best Celebrity news and Gossip sites Oplastic lists all the best sites. Good, bad, awful plastic surgery gossip. Cosmetic surgery or just rumor and lies? Fans love to speculate about celeb surgery and beauty but only the stars and their surgeons know if there was any truth at all to rumors. Celebrity plastic surgery & beautiful Hollywood stars who are aging gracefully, links to before and after pictures on Google. Cool sites to visit if you love looking at celeb fashion and photos, crazy beauty and top gossip sites you'll love, and alot of superficial fun. We love the celebrities and uncover the best and most popular entertainment web sites online!

The Superficial celeb buzz site

Plastic surgery + celebrity gossip links = oplastic

The Superficial is a gossip web site with just a hint of the raunchy thrown into the fray. It used to focus mainly on articles about beautiful women of Hollywood, and scantily clad in bikinis. Recently, it has shifted over to more of a general Hollywood gossip site. Old blog articles had just a sexy picture with a flippant blurb, and was mainly eye candy. Now, there is a bit more news written and the articles cover the full gamut of tinsel town gossip, often with a photo gallery for each.

It’s become a general media site for celeb gossip. You’ll find everyone from Kim Kardashian to Madonna, to the Olsen twins, to Tila Tequilla on that site. Runs the gamut from A-list celebs and musicians to D-list reality television stars. It’s not just bikini clad babes on the superficial anymore. There are photos, bikini, and dirt aka gossips. To visit the blog site The Superficial – because you’re ugly as the tag line says, click on the the superficial logo.

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