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Tara Reid Plastic Surgery

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She was the cute blonde who hit the big time in American Pie. She was also at the top of her game when dating Carson Daly dating years ago. She became lampooned after exposing a breast augmentation flaw in a fatal wardrobe slip up at a public event. Her breast areola was exposed and it was clear that it was oddly shaped. It became public gossip. Later, she was snapped by numerous papparazzi in a bikini showing obvious disfigurement of her stomach from a botched liposuction procedure. Unflattering photos of her legs and buttocks also floated the world wide web. She became this example of a very slender girl who still had a flat derriere and loose saggin skin or cellulite dimples down the back of her legs. The bad press went hand in hand with a sad downturn in her career, which led to more unflattering photos of her looking like she had fallen into living a dangerous partying life style.

Reid acknowledged in Us Weekly that she wanted the breast augmentation because her natural breasts were uneven and the six pack stomach was for a movie role. Both surgeries became complications requiring revision plastic surgery. Her corrective surgery was done by Steven Svehlak of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Dr Svehlak performed additional liposculpture to try even out Reid’s stomach from the botched liposuction. He also did a corrective breast surgery on Reid called a doughnut mastopexy to correct her mishapen nipple. She was happy with the successful revisions.

Reid did many interviews about how her plastic surgery had gone wrong and talked of the hurtful public ridicule that ensued after. She was hurt as was her career, she was a bubbling and beautiful carefree girl when she first came onto the Hollywood scene. They say that even bad publicity is good publicity but I really don’t think Tara would agree with that old adage about fame. She seemed to bounce back amazingly well though when she went public to talk about the plastic surgery complications she endured. People tend to ignore potential complications from surgery but there are real risks involved and Tara went public with her own experience.

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