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Sarah Burge Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery addict and self proclaimed “Human Barbie” of the UK Sarah Burge as been in the news lately. She drew ire from child advocates when she reportedly gave her seven year old daughter an expensive coupon for future liposuction surgery. Even though the coupon will be saved until the girl is an adult, the media and others were infuriated at such a bizarre gift. Burge’s children have all had or are interested in having cosmetic surgery.

As for Burge, she reportedly spent close to a million dollars on her own plastic surgery operations. She works as an event planner for plastic surgery and she is a plastic surgery advocate. While having one or two procedures during the course of life is becoming more and more common place among women, Burge is definitely way over the top. Burge feels there should not be a stigma around wanting to look good and using plastic surgery as a means to an end.

Mothers like Burge and television shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras which place a high emphasis of beauty draw so much criticism. Any time a pure and innocent childhood is threatened, psychologists draw the line. Seeing as many people are against having plastic surgery even as adults, you can only imagine what they would think of mothers that preach surgery for their younger family members. Plastic surgery is one thing, excessive plastic surgery another.

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