The best Celebrity news and Gossip sites Oplastic lists all the best sites. Good, bad, awful plastic surgery gossip. Cosmetic surgery or just rumor and lies? Fans love to speculate about celeb surgery and beauty but only the stars and their surgeons know if there was any truth at all to rumors. Celebrity plastic surgery & beautiful Hollywood stars who are aging gracefully, links to before and after pictures on Google. Cool sites to visit if you love looking at celeb fashion and photos, crazy beauty and top gossip sites you'll love, and alot of superficial fun. We love the celebrities and uncover the best and most popular entertainment web sites online!

Mail Online

Plastic surgery + celebrity gossip links = oplastic

Just can’t say enough good things about this great juicy read. Called Mail Online, with the web site url called Daily Mail, this show business website out of the U.K. is so much fun to read. They have wonderful sections which cover U.K. showbiz, U.S. showbiz, and other topics from health to science and current events. It’s a fun read and covers a wide swath of topics.

Layout to the site is fabulous. In magazine style, juicy pictures of celebs are clickable to the related articles. Click the images you like then read the article.  The front pages to the web site feature so much! There is today’s top show business pictures, a section called all the hottest, United States showbiz, gossip direct from LA, news and gossip around the world, review, music reviews and album release dates, features, and a cool show business photo gallery updated every day.

To visit click Daily Mail, click on the Mail Online logo above right to have the site come up in a new window.  If you love the site or have other entertainment web site links you would like to recommend to Oplastic please comment below.  Have fun!

U.S. Showbiz | Mail Online, at

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