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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

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Joan Rivers is the comedian and well known television personality, fashion show host, and beauty products maven. She’s sold millions to women on the shopping channels such as HSN and QVC. She is very well known for her admitted numerous (some say way too numerous) cosmetic surgeries. At over seventy, there is literally no hiding all of the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone. Her face is pulled tight as a drum and shockingly wrinkle free, and she does not seem to mind it one single bit. Albeit Botox frozen, she is smiling all the way to the bank, and then grave.

Rivers appears regularly on the cable television shopping channels promoting her own beauty products, from jewelry, cosmetics and makeup. Her more recent product is called Great Hair Day, scalp makeup to cover up balding hair spots on women and make their sparse hair look thicker. She has also authored a number of books on beauty and sells anti aging products and makeup generally geared toward the older women. For example, she sells leg makeup to conceal old lady legs and make them look more youthful called Rght to Bare Legs.

She says Joan Knows Best on the topic of plastic surgery. For years she has been unmasked on the plastic surgery web sites who call her an addict (well she is) showing time lines of her plastic surgery changes as she has aged. Joan Rivers literally does not seem to care. She wrote the books Men are Stupid and they like big Boobs, and A Woman’s Guide to Beauty through Plastic Surgery, among others. Rivers says she has had her lips, breasts, nose, stomach, arms, eyes, and face worked on. She claims looking good through plastic surgery equals feeling good, even though other reputable journals and research disagree with her claims.

Rivers claimed in a TIME magazine article that plastic surgery worked for her and made her happier. Yet Time claims that research shows that for many others, plastic surgery does not make them happier. She is used to the criticism and shrugs it off with her raunchy personality. Older women largely love her and think she is pretty funny, plastic surgery or not. While Joan is off undergoing her next plastic surgery procedure happy as a camper, others are calling her ugly and body dysmorphic. At near eighty, you might be sort of um ugly, no matter what you try to do with yourself. You have to wonder what she would look like now had she never had a single plastic surgery in her life. What do you decide?

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