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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

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Scott Thompson is a bright red headed comedian who goes by the name Carrot Top. He has performed live shows in Las Vegas and appeared on television. He recently has become known in plastic surgery circles, and the reviews aren’t very positive. He is a fixture on the bad and awful plastic surgery lists. His face does look a little bloated, hard to say what he is doing but the heavy makeup and harsh drawn in joker eyebrows and eyeliner do contribute to making him look clown like and quasi unrreal.

Popular plastic surgery blogs have speculated that he has unusually smooth facial skin, perhaps due to laser treatments like Fraxel and chemical peels. The treatments seem to have lessened his freckles. He may have had Botox and a browlift, since his brow seems so high. The heavy eye makeup, especially the highly arched eyebrow, and nail polish might really do him in, or merely be an intended part of his outrageous persona.

Also, he has gone through phases of extreme body building leading many in the body building forums to speculate that he abuses or uses, steroids. His body has become more and more buff over the years, leading some to believe he is supplementing and possibly even using steroids, aka juicing. Maybe he is just in good shape from working out. His va-voom looks could just be a purposeful part of his comedic image that he portrays, akin to someone like Dennis Rodman who also dresses pretty wild and wears makeup. The body builder forums pick apart his vascularity, what do you decide?

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