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Bree Walker Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery + celebrity gossip links = oplastic

Bree Walker is a well known network news anchor. Bree has a rare condition called ectrodactyly that fused her fingers and toes together. She has raised money and been a true advocate for this genetic condition. In her heyday Bree was an incredibly attractive blonde bombshell by news anchor standards. As time has gone on, she has been written about alot in regards to speculation about her surgical alterations.

After appearing on Dr Phil and a Larry King Live interview, talk of her awful plastic surgery was scattered across the web and celebrity gossip blogs. She complained about the mean-ness of sites that show her photograph and talk about her plastic surgery, saying it was mean and that she did not have alot of cheek fat and that was why she looked so different. The celeb sites begged to differ, showing before and after photos of her lips at quadruple their original size. Bree is right the comments are mean, she was accused of being stuffed, shellacked and spooky. Her teeth are super white and perfect, likely the result of cosmetic dentistry/veneers. Evidently the fans don’t like having the plastic surgery wool pulled over their eyes. Even incredibly nice women like Bree are fair game to the mean and ruthless gossip mongers.

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