The best Celebrity news and Gossip sites Oplastic lists all the best sites. Good, bad, awful plastic surgery gossip. Cosmetic surgery or just rumor and lies? Fans love to speculate about celeb surgery and beauty but only the stars and their surgeons know if there was any truth at all to rumors. Celebrity plastic surgery & beautiful Hollywood stars who are aging gracefully, links to before and after pictures on Google. Cool sites to visit if you love looking at celeb fashion and photos, crazy beauty and top gossip sites you'll love, and alot of superficial fun. We love the celebrities and uncover the best and most popular entertainment web sites online!

Awful Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery + celebrity gossip links = oplastic

Though good plastic surgery verses bad plastic surgery comes down to a matter of a opinion, some celebrities do take the plastic surgery thing a bit too far. The web site gives an absolutely scathing recant of all the celebrity plastic surgery replete with before and after photos. It is pretty ruthless to tell the truth. The awful plastic surgery blog has surely been threatened with lawsuits by many a celebrity that find their likeness plastered there against their will, and you can’t really blame them for being upset. The blogs ruthlessness, also lends to the blogs massive popularity amongst its readership. It is a top visited web site for sure.

The site awful plastic is just a no holds barred before and after chronicle of how celebrities change their look over time. If they don’t look better than they did before, this blog will definitely have the nitty gritty story right down to side by side photographs proving the point. It’s entertaining for sure but at the same point pretty hard on the stars. You’ll either love or hate this site. Celebs who create a lot of debate over their plastic surgery procedures, for example Heidi Montag and Janice Dickenson, grace the pages of this develish blog. Click on the obsessed with being perfect photo to take a look at awful plastic surgery.

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