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Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery

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Amanda Lepore is a transgendered icon. She was born a man and underwent sexual reassignment surgery. She has been a model for MAC cosmetics, Mego Jeans, CAMP cosmetics, Heatherette and The Blonds. Lepore is now a night life hostess and entertainer. She has also been a muse of famous photographer David LaChapelle. No doubt she is a fashion and cosmetic surgery trend setter, seemingly unafraid to take risks.

As far as plastic surgery goes, Lepore reportedly had disfiguring silicon injections into her lips that required extensive corrective surgery. She has spoken in interviews about the bad plastic surgery. She is said to have had several breast augmentations, eye tilting, a forehead lift, her hair line pulled down and more. She has spoken openly in many interviews about having spent a lot of money on her sexual and cosmetic transformation. He/she is certainly intrigueing and has been able to model successfuly for upscale makeup and fashion brands turning her outspoken man glam image into success.

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